About Us

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.Edgar Allan Poe

We love those who dream by day, and even more so, those who can translate those dreams into words. As a publisher of fiction and creative nonfiction, we look for stories that explore and celebrate our vast cultural and ethnic diversity; stories that serve as both a window and a mirror for our readers–a window for readers to see into another world, and a mirror for those who are underrepresented in literature. We are not a theme publisher. Please, no dissertations on topics such as race, religion or sexual orientation. What we look for are character-driven narratives that allow readers to experience other worlds.

We don’t tie ourselves to genre. We believe that a young adult novel or a mystery can be as much of a piece of literature as an historic novel. We simply look for good, well-written stories.

We are particularly interested in new and previously unpublished writers, and giving voice to those writers. We have nothing against previously published writers and invite your submissions as well.